Major Requirements

A history major consists of 35 hours, normally nine courses, as follows:
Hist. 11, Survey of Europe to 1648
Hist. 12, Survey of Europe Since 1648
Hist. 201, Historical Perspectives, or Hist. 202, Historical Research
One course in the history of Asia, Africa, or Latin America: Hist. 5, 49, 50, 75, 76, 177, 340, 341, 342, 359, 368. (Hist. 104, 300, 303, 371, 391, 392, or provisional courses may be used to fulfill this requirement in accordance with their contents and emphases)
Minimum of 12 hours of courses numbered 303 or higher (except Hist. 306)
To graduate with a history major, a minimum 24 hours must be graded course work taken at Lehigh. The writing intensive requirement must be filled by a course in the history department. For Advanced Placement see page 5 of the Lehigh University Catalog.

The department recommends that students intending to major in history take Math 12, Basic Statistics, to fulfill their college math requirement.

Requirements for Honors:
Students wishing to graduate with honors must have 39 credits and must have completed History 391.

Concentration in Public History:
History majors may earn a concentration in Public History by completing a total of 16 hours in the following courses:
Hist 305 Public History (4), required
Hist 306 Internship in Public History (4), required
Art 175, 275, 370, or 375 Museology (3)
EdT 405 Website and Resource Development (3) (seniors by petition)
Hist 336 Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley (4)
Hist 338 Techniques in Public History (2 credits, may be repeated for up to 8 credits)
Hist/Anth 370 Historical Archeology (4)