Career Opportunities

Since opening its doors in 1865, Lehigh University has welcomed exceptionally motivated students.  Our undergraduates have gone on to vibrant careers as educators, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and a host of other occupations. Our graduate students are employed at institutions of higher learning around the country.

All of our students develop skills that are highly valued by employers. These skills include: critical thinking, research and analysis, oral and written communication, and problem solving skills.  Graduates may follow career paths clearly related to their studies, like attending law school, becoming teachers, and working in archives and museums. However, many enter professions that require strong research, writing, and analytical skills, such as consulting or investment banking, journalism, finance, and urban planning. Some work with NGOs or government agencies; others become doctors, architects, engineers, or professionals in a wide range of public policy fields.                                                            


  • Film Director
  • Magazine Editor
  • Teacher
  • Conservationist
  • Executive Director
  • Attorney
  • Marketing Designer
  • Professor
  • Architect
  • Author
  • Nonprofit Consultant
  • Artist

Below are some resources that provide employment information for history graduates: